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Transportation Info

Transportation costs are not included in the package rates offered on this website. You may elect to coordinate your own transportation or advise your Travel Planner about your transportation needs.

Roundtrip Airline or Motorcoach Transportation…

As another service to our clients, “Rock the Boat” has developed a relationship with various transportation providers nationwide in order to provide our groups with the lowest Commercial and/or Charter Airline or Roundtrip Motorcoach Rates available. We do not require full payment at the time of booking and will work the transportation cost into your package payment schedule.

Airport Transfers

Roundtrip Airport Transfers are not included in the cruise price. Transfers may be purchased through our office and based on a per person rate. Please contact your Rock the Boat representative for specific rates for each Port of Departure.

When Booking Transportation on Your Own…

…and arriving by AIR: It will be necessary to make arrangements for local transportation during your stay. Local Transfers may be purchased through our office or you can make these arrangements on your own. If making your own arrangements, make certain you provide a detailed itinerary to the bus company in order to get a specific cost for their services.

…and arriving by MOTORCOACH or PRIVATE VEHICLE:  These vehicles are responsible for providing all transportation services during your stay. The group is responsible for making hotel reservations and payment for bus driver rooms. Drivers will not receive complimentary hotel rooms, meals, cruise or attraction tickets. It is your responsibility to provide a detailed itinerary to your transportation providers once you receive the final itinerary from our office.