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Thank you for visiting our website and inquiring about our Youth Group Cruise Program!

Our goal is to continue providing the finest youth group cruises for both performing groups and non performing groups. We are extremely pleased to be working exclusively with Carnival Cruise Lines. Our relationship with Carnival affords our groups special considerations not given to other travel companies catering to youth groups. As proud recipients of Carnivals’ Winner Circle Award and Pinnacle Club Award for five consecutive years, we appreciate your patronage and look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Whether you wish to experience the thrill of performing onboard a beautiful ship from the fleet of the “Largest Cruise Line in the World” or just enjoy the “Fun Ship” experience, our expert “Rock the Boat” cruise representatives will work with your group leader to insure that your cruise lives up to all your expectations.

The onboard accommodations and amenities will leave your group with memories that last a lifetime. The cruise experience alone will leave lasting impressions of beautiful ocean seas, while the gorgeous ports of call with beautiful beaches, unique cultures and atmospheres, will be the talk of your adventure when returning home. If your choice is to perform in one of the exciting ports of call or just play in the ocean while snorkeling and feeding exotic fish, our onboard “Rock the Boat” representative are experts in student group cruises and will assist to insure that all of your expectations are met. They will make suggestions and have answers for all of your group’s needs including: meeting spaces, performance venues, and attention to all the details for youth group cruisers.

You may choose from the nearest of the nine ports of departure or we will assist you in arranging transportation via airline, bus, or train to get your group to the port in time to enjoy the first of the many great meals, including fine dining, casual dining, twenty-four hour pizzeria, room service and more, that will be available during your cruise.

To enjoy all of these wonderful experiences and make many more memories of your own, please contact your local group travel planner or contact a “Rock the Boat” representative.

Happy sailings and Bon Voyage!

The “Rock the Boat” Team