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The time has never been better to register your Instrumental, Vocal, Dance or Drama groups to perform onboard the “Fun Ships” of Carnival Cruise Lines.  Performing groups have the unique opportunity to enhance their cruise experience in two different ways:

Enjoy a fun, non-adjudicated performance onboard ship and/or in one of the exciting ports of call, OR elect your group to have an adjudicated performance and clinic onboard ship.

For an additional $35.00 per person, we will provide an appropriately experienced adjudicator to clinic each group, including written and taped evaluations with ratings based on a national standard.  A group minimum of 50 is required for groups electing an adjudicated festival performance.

  Cruise Includes:
Spacious Cabin with 24 Hour Stateroom Service
All Meals including Fine Dining, Lc8e7ebate Night Buffets, Casual Dining in the Sea View Bistro, as well as 24 hour Pizzeria and Ice Cream, Snacks and more!
All Shipboard Activities and Entertainment including “Live” Entertainment, Swimming, Dancing, Health Club, Teen Club 02, Karaoke and much more!
1 FREE Cruise Per 20 Paid Persons(Includes all Taxes, Fees, Pre-Paid Gratuities)
Rock the Boat” Lanyards for the entire group
Rock the Boat” Gift for Director
One Hour Rehearsal & One Hour Performance
Performance Onboard Ship (Optional)
Commemorative “Rock the Boat” Award for Performing Groups
“Rock the Boat” Service Host onboard to assist with Check-in, Performances and various needs (minimum 30 people)
Prepaid Gratuities onboard Ship
All Taxes & Fees
$2,000,000.00 Liability Insurance Coverage
1 Hour Karaoke Party
Group Travel Video (for all students only)
We also offer a Workshop with a Carnival Dancer for Dance Groups for 1 Hr for a flat fee of $100.00 per hour
  • Cruise rates are per person, and do not include transportation. Inside Cabins will be allocated Category 4B, Oceanview Cabins will be allocated Category 6B. Space is limited on each sailing; please contact our office for additional information regarding availability.
  • All Taxes, Fees and Prepaid Gratuities are included in your cruise package cost. These items are subject to increase by the Port Authority and cruise line and will be the only variable cost in your package.
  • Although you are not required to have a chaperone in each cabin, each group must have at least one chaperone (over age 25) for each ten students.


All performing groups have the opportunity to perform onboard ship.  These performances are organized by “Rock the Boat” and are designed to enhance your cruise experience.

“Rock the Boat” performance groups receive the standard cruise package inclusions, as well as the following special considerations:

  • Commemorative award for performance group
  • Announcement of group performance date and time in daily cruise program (at the discretion of Carnival Cruise Lines)


INSTRUMENT STORAGE/LOADING: U.S. Customs mandates that all instruments and equipment be registered, before sailing, with your local U.S. Customs Office using the U.S. Customs Form 4455.

The U.S. Customs Form 4455 is provided in the forms section of this website.

We recommend that instruments/equipment be stored in the performers cabin. If additional storage is necessary, a special storage cabin may be provided at an additional cost.

Assistance with instrument and luggage loading at the pier is provided by the stevedores. They are employed by the port authority and they will expect a gratuity. This gratuity is not covered under the pre-paid gratuity in your tour package. Carnival Cruise Lines or Four Seasons Tours is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged luggage or instruments loaded by the stevedores or stored in cabin provided.

DATE & TIME: Carnival dictates the date, time and location of all performances. Rock the Boat staff makes every effort to arrange performance times while the ship is at sea.

STAGE: Whenever possible, performances take place in the main lounge, however, location is at the discretion of Carnival Cruise Lines. The stage in the main lounge on the Destiny, Triumph, Ecstasy, Fascination, Inspiration, Paradise, Sensation, Elation and Imagination is 35′ deep x 50′ wide. All have marley floors and a professional sound & light system.

Tap Dancing & Clogging:
To ensure the integrity of our stages/dance floors/flooring, Carnival does NOT allow Tap or Clog dancing in any area on-board our ships, fleet wide.

Barefoot Dancing:
To ensure the safety of our guests, Carnival does NOT allow barefoot dancing in any area on-board our ships, fleet wide. Guests should instead dance with soft soled shoes. There are no exceptions to this policy.

PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS: Each group is allowed one hour for performance (set up and tear down time is included in the 1 hour). Additional performances or extended length will be charged to the group at the current rate. Performers are not permitted to perform songs that include; verbal profanities, racial, ethnic, or sexual slurs, no drug or drinking related songs. Rehearsal time may be requested, however it is based on availability of performance space. Sound & lighting will not be provided for rehearsal. For our Rehearsals we provide a Stage Manager only.  If you need to use Carnival sound system it will be an additional $25 per hour.

LIGHTING AND SOUND EQUIPMENT: Theatrical lighting and sound equipment is provided by Carnival Cruise Lines. Sound equipment is capable of playing compact discs only, and is not capable of playing cassette tapes. A Carnival sound and lighting technician will be provided to assist with your production. Only the technician is permitted to operate the sound and lighting equipment. NOTE: It is suggested that a person from your group sit in the booth with the technician during the performance. This person can introduce your group from the booth or you may designate someone to make the introduction from the stage.

DRESSING FACILITIES: Where possible, uniform and costume changes should be made in the performer’s cabin prior to the performance. A backstage manager will be present to supervise activities on stage including changing areas.

PERFORMANCE EQUIPMENT: No equipment, music stands or risers are provided by Rock the Boat or Carnival Cruise Lines. Chairs and microphones can be provided for your performance and must be pre-arranged with Rock the Boat on your performance information form.