In order to maintain a safe and secure environment, Carnival prohibits guests from bringing certain items on board, i.e., weapons, candles, irons, alcohol, or other dangerous goods.  According to our policy, Carnival conducts security scanning of all baggage and if prohibited items are found, they will be removed and stored on board for safekeeping until the end of the voyage.  The retained item(s) will be available for collection in onboard designated location on the morning of debarkation. Unsealed liquids that are prohibited will be discarded, as well as any unclaimed items left after the voyage, and no compensation will be given in either case.   For additional information, please refer to the terms and conditions of your cruise ticket contract.

We suggest all luggage be unlocked before turning over to the porters in order to avoid any inconvenience to you or delay in delivering the luggage to your stateroom.  Should you choose not to unlock your bags and prohibited items are found during screening, your luggage will be retained until you can open it in front of security personnel.

Guests, 21 years of age and older, may bring one bottle (750ml) of wine or champagne, per person, only in their carry-on luggage.

Guests are encouraged to limit their checked luggage to two suitcases per person, with each suitcase not to weigh more than 50 pounds and not exceed 16″H x 24″W (no length restrictions).  Please attach your Carnival Cruise Lines luggage tags PRIOR to leaving home and make sure that they are still on your bags when checking in with us. In many ports, guests have the option of carrying luggage on board at embarkation and off the ship at the end of the cruise as long as it does not exceed 16″H x 24″W (no length restrictions).  This is an advantage you may want to consider as it will allow for quicker easier access to your bags.  Please note that Carnival assumes no responsibility for carry-on luggage.

Alternatively, curbside porters are available at the pier to take luggage to the vessel for delivery to your stateroom by shipboard personnel. Customary tip is $1 per bag. Please be sure each piece of luggage is unlocked and has a tag listing your name and stateroom number. Curbside porters are not employees of Carnival; therefore, if you experience any problems, please report them to porter management on site. Any luggage left at the pier will be forwarded at your expense. Claims for luggage loss or damage must be made in writing to the debarkation personnel prior to leaving the pier area.

If you are traveling by air, we strongly recommend that you contact your air carrier to obtain their luggage allowance policy for the maximum number, size and weight of bags that each guest is allowed at no charge.  Guests are responsible for luggage fees, excess luggage charges as well as any other charges imposed by air carriers or airports.  We recommend that each guest verify with the airline representative that their luggage is checked-in to their final destination.

NOTE: There is limited porter service on 2/3-day Cruises-to-Nowhere.

Carnival Cruise Lines does not allow guests to bring large coolers on board its vessels. However small, personal-sized coolers, no larger than 12”H x 12”W x 12”L for the purpose of housing small quantities of non-alcoholic beverages and/or medications are permitted as carry-on luggage. Screening and movement of large coolers through embarkation is an impediment to the boarding and security screening process; therefore, large coolers are not permitted as carry-on or checked luggage.

While on board, you will be given numbered debarkation tags to place on your luggage. Please fill out the information on the back of the tag and remember your zone number.  When your zone is called, please proceed off the vessel to claim your luggage. It is easy to pick up the wrong bag, so check to make sure your name is on it. If your luggage is left at the pier, it will be forwarded to you at your expense. Claims for lost or damaged luggage must be made in writing with our debarkation personnel before you leave the pier area.